The story of a Tamilian who loved Biriyani....​

The best taste on earth is the taste of hunger. If you say you are hungry, it is not the memory of a meal that was avoided once, but it is the secret pride of what time?? what to eat?? how to eat. Along with that, the only truth is ‘mother’.

Often stood still while going after the history of some restaurants. Have you ever wondered how they reached this level?? Those who cut their own path when the path in front was closed. Those who walked forward with only hard work and skill even though the strengths of fate were only judged by failure.

The love for food is also the respect and respect for the hard work behind it and the labor.

Let's go to a place.. To Chennai city, about 770 km away from Thiruvananthapuram...

Chennai… A little more decorative, Sringara Chennai. A lot has changed in this city today. Change for so many names. She is accepting the name Chennai by throwing the name Madras to her backward days. This city that is moving through the steep flow of hustle and development has a handful of stories written in her history without fading. Stories of victory and defeat…. Stories of ups and downs.
One of them is the life story of a person named Asif Ahmed Chowdhury. Yes, Asif Ahmed, the father of Asif Biriyani, one of the faces of Chennai today….

The village Pallavaram is about twenty five kilometers away from Chennai city. That’s where Asif was born and raised.

Asif’s father, who worked in the health department in the Tamil Nadu government, was fired from his job over the complaint that he was taking vacancies for no reason. The responsibility of killing a family including father, mother and two siblings gradually became on the shoulders of an eleven year old Asif. As a result, at the age of, he stopped studying in ninth grade and caught an order of making leather sandals. The boy came forward to challenge the verdict with them and others. Though production doubled in a year, the less and more of the people’s love for leather sandals has caused the effort to keep it there.

Asif, who built a small pot with the money earned through the sandal trade, later met with a cook named Ashmat Bhai. Ashmath, who used to cook biriyani for nikkahs and other small programs, joined Asif on a salary of Rs during working days. That little Asif might not have realized that it was a life-changing meeting….

Asif remembers that Ashmat Bhai did not allow to touch biriyani copper with his hand in the first two months of his company. Chopping curry, washing dishes and other unlimited works were the vessels. But it was compulsory for Ashmat Bhai to eat the biryani he made and comment first. Let’s assume Asif was capable of finding every little shortage of his biriyani with reason. Asif had the joy of capturing the country when he gave biriyani in his hand for the first time after two months. But the two letters of fate were saved for Asif by another appointment.

Nine months after the biriyani started cooking, Asif became a high salary job to Muscat. Asif, who came to Mumbai with the agent to fix his visa and others, was shocked to know that he was a victim of a visa scam. Asif took other ways to reach home after knowing that finding the agent who cheated his thirty five thousand rupees in the Mumbai metropolitan is equivalent to being indicated in a hay. Asif, who previously knew the making of leather sandals, wandered in Mumbai city for the next ten days as a slipper. Asif took ticket to home with the remaining rupees he gave to the roadside vendor who lent him food for that long out of the five hundred rupees he earned from it. Just five rupees in the pocket for the expense. If you are hungry, you don’t even have money to buy something and eat. Asif says today that he thought then whether he should beg or steal the rest of his life.

Asif who came home decided to fight with life after eating food served by his mother. The boy left the house with four thousand rupees received from LIC’s one money back policy. Started business in Chennai T Nagar with a biriyani cooked in home wood stove with a cart for two thousand three hundred fifty rupees and a petromax lamp for the remaining rupees. At the age of thirteen, Asif, who saw old papers being sold at double the price of old papers, bought old exam papers from school for rupees and sold them for double the price of business, and made the childhood lessons of business autonomous was different to MBA decorations or others. The profit in the first sale is three hundred rupees. Gradually, the people are too much. The sale of biriyani which started with two kgs in three months has exceeded fifteen kilos. Chennai people have started accepting the taste of Asif’s biriyani.

Crisis were about to come to make the saying ‘The road to success is never easy’ meaningful.

Picture is still remaining, Hi my friend…….

The main rowdy in the area threatened to evacuate Asif, who was a bargain to start Bhavan (Tamil Night Thattukada) by his brother. Though the threat was not taken seriously by obligations, the next day when I saw a beer bottle crashing into his skull, a cart, biriyani and lying in the mud, I realized that there was no escape but to leave the place.

This is not Amalettan’s movie, isn’t it life to beat the goon who comes towards him and walk in slow motion……

The young man wasn’t ready to put his life on the label of fate. He decided that he would write his own life.

After two days, Asif has started the biriyani business from round zero again on Butt Road in St. Teresa. But it didn’t take long for Asif who started clapping in the past time to achieve a quick rank.
It was because of continuous labor and belief in his own ability to build an empire with more than thirty outlets and more than thousand workers in the nine places we see over twenty years.

According to a report submitted to MCA in 2016, the sale of Asif Biryani is more than seventy crores.

From four thousand rupees to seventy crores?? The hotel chain which is trading more than five hundred kilos per day from two kg biriyani… What more is needed to get inspiration from a man’s life….

Yes… He is a man from Rags to Riches….

Asif has only one thing to say to young entrepreneurs..

′′ You can choose the business you want but be sure that at least one day you can do that venture alone. Should be aware of the action done.."

Asif about biriyani...

The headquarters of Asif Biriyani in Thiruvananthapuram are in the Teekay building at Aristo Junction, Thampanur. Good interior, bad service. There are people in need in the seats. Table and other surroundings are generally clean. Washed hands and took place, ordered a mutton biriyani and a lemon water before going to the Kshipramaranya residence..

Within about ten-fifteen minutes, both came forward.
There is no spicy smell that a Keralite would normally expect. There’s no dry fruits mango powder or dried onions much decoration work. (Chennai Biriyani’s are generally like this)

Slowly distributed biriyani to the serving plate. There is no such thing as great in the matter of taste. But good slow long rice.. Great three mutton slices. If you take those mutton slices and rotate it or if you drink it, all the meat will fall down. Such a good rush.

Looking at what was eaten in Chennai, almost 95 % the same taste, same rust… There is no feeling of getting stomach ache when eating normal biriyani after eating. Felt like we could make the workers a little better..

Those who are interested in trying different types of biryani and who have sharpened their tongue for fresh flavors, must try Asif Biryani..

There is a statement from Asif about his biriyani ′′ You can say anything about my biriyani... No smell... No taste... Anything.. But never you get stomach damaged or digestion by eating my biriyani." The incident is true after almost two and a half hours of eating Starting to get hungry again...

But lemon water is just a sadness… A mixture with some mint leaves and sugar without feeling or thinking.. That alone got dumped…

Price details….

Mutton Biriyani – ₹. 285 /-
Lemon water :- ₹. 50 /-

G. S. ₹. 352 /- including t all

(According to the rate, the quantity is very low, even if it is in Chennai, it is the same..)

Anyway, Asif, who is soaring to heights, is opening his franchise in Thiruvananthapuram as one of his new initiatives.. It is known through the manager that he is still leading to open new ventures in Trichy, Coimbatore and many other places.. Isn’t it that day, let him be conquered in greater heights…

Nabi… The process of bringing drinking water only when asked without putting water on the table is a bit difficult :-

Location :-
Aasife Biriyani (Thampanoor)
095262 14926