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Are you an investor or an entrepreneur and looking for the best Biriyani Franchise Outlet ? If you’re looking for high returns in low investment then you have landed at the right place. 

Aasife Biriyani is a statement in Non Vegetarian Food. With our promise to our customers to deliver a premium Biriyani meal, we have adopted the slogan of “World’s Best Biriyani”  Delivering excellence for 20 years now.

Shri C. Y. Aasife

Managing Director of Aasife Biriyani – Biriyani Empire, better known as the powerhouse of ideas in food retailing, Mr. C.Y. Aasife comes with more than thirty years of experience in establishing, owning and operating restaurants.

Biriyani Franchise outlet
Biriyani Franchise outlet
Biriyani Franchise outlet

Best Biriyani Franchise Outlet

Aasife Biriyani has created a life style in the Biriyani Restaurant Business and has become an eating destination. Our locations are trendy, maintaining an international chic ambience while at the same time achieving a fun and family friendly atmosphere. We now have 30 restaurants . We are expanding our brand to make it an international company with a strong foundation and team centered in Trivandram.


Our core philosophy is “Our Guests Come First”. It is a value that is enforced right from the top level of management downwards. Our Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines for our staff are strongly based on this value.

We strongly believe in doing everything to make our customers happy. Keeping that in mind, we ensure the best quality of food and value for money. We are known for our reasonable prices and superior and consistent quality of food.

Working of the best biriyani franchise outlet

Mr. C.Y. Aasife has developed a dedicated team just for franchises. The team will support every franchisee and make sure that the restaurant meets the high standards we set at Aasife Biriyani. The team has developed standard procedures and detailed manuals that assist the franchisee at every stage of the process of opening a restaurant.

The assistance doesn’t end just at opening. We want to make sure that you are successful in opening and running a Aasife Biriyani franchise. The team will continue to help you through your endeavor with marketing, implementing of festivals, maintaining food cost percentages and anything else you might need. 

Best Biriyani Franchise Outlet

What we provide

We assist the Franchise with the existing design of the Restaurant & Kitchen of Aasife Biriyani & help them utilizing the space to the optimum

We provide the whole list of Raw Materials with their standard & Brand specification with the supplier details

We send support team consist of Chef, Manager, Cooks, Service Boys, for the initial period of 3 weeks to One month to set all the system & procedure of the Brand and extend the stay depending on the situation

Through training is offered to all the category of staff from Manager, Unit Chef, Cooks, all Service Captain, Cashier, Steward & Utility for a month and can be more depending on the franchise’s will


First, Need to fill the request form from the website.

The Aasife Biriyani Franchise outlet system is presented to you as a set of Franchise Operational Manuals and forms that outline the rules, guidelines, policies and procedures for operating your Franchise. Sending the Key production staff no’s 4 to 5 who will be there on the Franchisees payroll. Training of all the staff. Menu Design and do pricing, assisting the franchisee from designing to sourcing of all Kitchen equipments, Cutlery, crockery, Service wares, uniform.

We share all the standard and brand specification of all the products, if it’s available in the localmarket, we are fine with it.

We will help you to design the Standard compliment of staffing, but it varies on the sitting capacity of the place

Franchise, but we assist the franchisee with all our expertise

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